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As details from the largest data leak in history continue to come out, attention is turning to smaller players and, so far, relatively few United States individuals or businesses have been found buried in the files. A search in an ICIJ database drawing on leaks of offshore financial dealings dating through 2010 shows Idaho interests ranging from individuals—many in eastern Idaho—to businesses and organizations including Ketchum-based Mar Vista Capital Ltd. By far the biggest name in the files belongs to Boise-based agriculture giant Simplot Company. was listed as an owner/shareholder of Simkar Ltd., an offshore entity with a Cayman Islands address.

According to Mc Clatchy, parent corporation of the Idaho Statesman and the only U. newspaper company to participate in the ICIJ project, at least 200 U. passports appear in the files and 3,500 offshore shareholders are attached to U. Also an owner/shareholder of Simkar is West Side Ltd.—another offshore entity with the same address as Simkar.

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More than 500 banks have funneled business through Mossack Fonseca over the past 40 years—many of them taking advantage of lax regulations, pushing their clients' money, tax-free, through a labyrinth of offshore trusts and shell companies.

That changed on April 3, when the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists went public with more than 11 million files leaked in 2015 to the German newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung.

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Run by two lawyers—one the son of a Waffen-SS soldier, the other a novelist-turned investment expert—the firm has long been known for its discretion, drawing hundreds of clients from world leaders to arms dealers, drug kingpins, high-flown financiers, and at least three dozen individuals or businesses with Idaho addresses.

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