How to build trust in a dating relationship

22-Jun-2016 08:22

Frank realized what she meant to him, but Laurie worried incessantly every time he went out and would give him the third and fourth degree when he arrived home.Inevitably, a huge row would ensue, only to end in an icy standoff that would last for days.It wasn’t that he didn’t love herhe did, but over time, Frank longed for his lost youth. Laurie worked full-time to put Frank through college and law school.He worked long hours and she stayed home with the kids.

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As a woman who grew up in a divorced home, I know how the breakup of my parents' marriage forever changed my life.But as a woman who grew up with a dad who provided a great example, it has been challenging throughout my life to figure out when my trust issues started. When she is let down and exposed to pain, she can start to doubt herself and become wary of being hurt.