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14-Jan-2017 23:50

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It depends on social class, but some Egyptian girls would like to be in a relationship with someone less complicated or demanding than an Egyptian guy.” Some believe that Western culture provides for some looseness in the relationship as there is not as much social pressure to legitimize the relationship into an immediate marriage.But cultural expectations also extend to other aspects of the relationship.While that shared culture can be great, it can be the reason women hold back from an Arab-Arab relationship.Having dated both Arab and white men there are looming concerns when it comes to dating Arab guys.However, this argument collapses on itself because Muslim men can marry Christian women without either being forced to convert.The same cannot be said for Muslim women because, according to Islamic law, they are not allowed to marry non-Muslims."I am an atheist born into a Muslim family and it's not something I can tell them either.“I don’t think that only female foreigners date Egyptian men,” argues Christi, a Bulgarian student in Cairo.

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Like everyone in the country post Jan25, he is just another Egyptian who claims – emphasis on claims – to understand politics.

Can love and romance overcome societal disapproval of interfaith marriages?