Dating drama king

08-Mar-2016 12:30

He loves to gossip Though we are often credited with being the ones who like to gossip, drama kings are known to gossip about just anything and anyone.

This guy loves gists sotey him mouth resemble gist and worst still,he isn’t one that you can trust to keep things just between you and him. A true sign of a drama king is when a guy always assumes the worst.

Sadly, dating can be a little blinding and hindsight doesn’t always do you very good, so here we are to remind you of the signs you’re involved with a drama king.

While dealing with these people might feel tedious and exhausting, there are ways to handle your interactions with them to help yourself feel less overwhelmed by their emotional outbursts.

Shutterstock When you ask this man why he does this or why he acts like that, there is never a short answer.

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