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There are many dangerous being outside of the palace, and unless I bring you in to battle, this is no place to casually stroll unless you can protect yourself.. ----- Underage kids should not under this room, if so under at your own risk, this is not for little kids at the age of 10-15 years old keep out.

In here you may Truth or Dare to your heart's content, no boundaries! ----A room of the area where you will be able to see everything that has happened from the memories within anyone's mind in their head, to come to life before them, romance, love, intimate, caring, wanted, knowing, anything you would be able to think of would likely come to life, including your worst fears, this place is where Ultima Symphony got the last name " Symphony " after playing the Symphonic sounds in the intimate relationships with Kuja romantically, also reason why " Ultima " is still given the name to him along with " Symphony " due to the spell " Ultima " how it flows and streams making the Symphonic sounds that of " Symphonia " or short " Symphony.

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